About Cyclaplex™

The Cyclaplex™ program was developed to simulate combinatorial processes that give rise to linear and cyclic oligomers.  The program is a generalization of PorphyrinViLiGe™ and is applicable to diverse macrocycles derived from modular constituents.  The program was conceived, developed and tested by Drs. Masahiko Taniguchi, Hai Du, and Jonathan S. Lindsey from summer 2012 – spring 2013. The program and results are described in the following article: An illustration of the use of Cyclaplex™ is provided in the following paper:

Current version

The current version is Cyclaplex™ 1.0. To inquire about obtaining a preprint, please contact the authors. Also, please feel free to send any questions about operation of Cyclaplex™.


  1. Download and un-ZIP the Cyclaplex™ program files. All unzipped files must reside in one folder; the folder can be saved anywhere on your computer.
  2. The unzipped files are: Example Files (folder), Reagetns.txt, mwtable.csv, CyclaPlex.exe.
  3. There is no installer. The name of the extracted executable file is CyclaPlex.exe. Start the program by double-clicking the executable file, CyclaPlex.exe.
  4. Cyclaplex™ runs under Windows XP, Vista, and 7. There is no Macintosh version of CyclaPlex.exe.
  5. Make sure the Microsoft .net framework version 3.5 or higher is installed on your computer.
  6. To explore the example files, select File/Open from the Cyclaplex™ menu bar and select one of the numbered items. The folder of example files will open, and you can select any example file.