About Cyclaplex™

The Cyclaplex™ program was developed to simulate combinatorial processes that give rise to linear and cyclic oligomers.  The program is a generalization of PorphyrinViLiGe™ and is applicable to diverse macrocycles derived from modular constituents.  The program was conceived, developed and tested by Drs. Masahiko Taniguchi, Hai Du, and Jonathan S. Lindsey from summer 2012 – spring 2013. The program and results are described in the following article:

An illustration of the use of Cyclaplex™ is provided in the following paper:

Operating system requirements

Current version

Cyclaplex™ 1.0 (available for downloading). To inquire about obtaining a preprint, please contact the authors. Also, please feel free to send any questions about operation of Cyclaplex™.

About us

You can visit the Lindsey group on the Web.

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