Getting started with PhotochemCAD

The screen shots below are from the PDF document named Getting Started, which is available from our Downloads page. These screen shots show the main screen of PhotochemCAD™.

From the main screen of PhotochemCAD™, you can perform a variety of tasks, including:

  1. Open the default Master database
  2. Open a user database
  3. Close one or more data files
  4. Add new records and new databases using the Wizard
  5. Create a new spectrum
  6. Simulate energy transfer
  7. Simulate transmission of light through an absorbing sample
  8. Calculate fluorescence lifetime (Strickler-Berg)
  9. Calculate the Forster energy transfer for donor/acceptor pairs
  10. Analyze multiple components
  11. Calculate oscillator strength
  12. Save spectral data points as a text file
  13. Save the results of calculations and simulations as HTML files

Videos of all the listed tasks are available from our Downloads page.

Additional help is available in the PhotochemCAD™ program by clicking the Help icon on the PhotochemCAD™ toolbar.

Toolbar buttons for opening files, databases, and reference materials.


Buttons for closing spectra, viewing absorption and emission spectra, viewing experimental data, and sorting databases.


Buttons for manipulating X and Y axis, and selecting mutiple spectra.

This page was last updated January 25, 2017