Downloads for PhotochemCAD

There are two ways to install PhotochemCAD™. Either method will install the required files on your hard drive:

The current version is Version 2.1 (03/06/2009)

Operating system requirements

Updated optional additional database: Naturally Derived Porphyrin Database V2 (updated August 16, 2013)

  1. Download and un-ZIP the Naturally Derived Porphyrin DatabaseV2
  2. Save the new, un-ZIPped folder called "Naturally Derived Porphyrin Database" in the same directory where your photochemcad.exe file is located.
  3. Open the PhotochemCAD™ program.
  4. Open the new database manually (see the Getting Started PDF file for help on opening a database manually).

Optional Help files

The following optional files provide help information in PDF and AVI formats. Additional help is available in the PhotochemCAD™ program by clicking the Help icon on the PhotochemCAD™ toolbar.

For new users

If you are new to PhotochemCAD™, we suggest you visit the Getting Started page, and dowload the optional video help files. If you need more help with installation, please see our detailed installation instructions page.

For advanced users

If you need more help with installation ... see our detailed instructions page.

This page was last updated February 16, 2018