PhotochemCAD ID: P02

Class: Dipyrrins

Name: 5-Phenyldipyrrin

Synonym: meso-Phenyl-2,2'-dipyrromethene

CAS: 118762-53-1


Structure: ChemDraw file (.cdx)



Absorption Spectrum



Solvent: toluene

Instrument: Shimadzu

Date: 9/15/2004

By: Dewey Holten

Absorption coefficient: 19,000 at 435.6 nm


Absorption spectrum data file (text file)

Absorption spectrum picture file (600 dpi, tif file)



See/cite the papers listed below for further information.

PhotochemCAD program

Taniguchi, M., H. Du and J. S. Lindsey (2018) PhotochemCAD 3: Diverse Modules for Photophysical Calculations with Multiple Spectral Databases. Photochem. Photobiol. 94, in press.

PhotochemCAD database

Taniguchi, M. and J. S. Lindsey (2018) Database of absorption and fluorescence spectra of >300 common compounds for use in PhotochemCAD. Photochem. Photobiol. 94, in press.



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